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Glazed Donuts a la Krispy Kreme (Whole Wheat)

Donuts or Doughnuts?…that is the question. Well, I know the answer, I just don’t necessarily use it. Yes, it is in fact doughnuts, but I find that to be a pain in the butt to type out. I stick with nice and simple DONUTS. On the topic of donuts, I have made the most killer at home version of a Krispy Kreme using…you guessed it…Whole Wheat Flour.


For these bad boys, I utilized White Whole Wheat Flour. It has the same nutritional composition as regular, old whole wheat but is milder in taste and finer ground. I’m generally pro- Stevia in my recipes, but god damn. Krispy Kremes without true sugar is like pizza without cheese – why even bother? Yet, I still found out how to make these light and fluffy with wheat and skim milk. I am pretty darn proud of myself. You need to give this guilty pleasure a go and you’ll be gloating too. I never realized how simple these would be to cook! When you pan fry them, they’re golden and ready in four minutes flat!

The glaze is my favorite part of these. My brother Chris actually said, “I wish I could drink this like a milkshake.” If you’re ready to join me on this delectably sinful journey, read on for my recipe!


I am an absolute ding dong and realized AFTER I assembled my dough and set it to rise that I did not have a donut cutter. I improvised! I used the lid of a mason jar and a little mini corer and was still able to achieve familiar, albeit small, donut shapes.

IMG_3888  IMG_3891 IMG_3893

When you rip these apart, you won’t believe that you achieved such delicate air bubbles in a whole wheat donut! My sticky dough method of baking is definitely a pain, but I promise it is always worth it!



2 thoughts on “Glazed Donuts a la Krispy Kreme (Whole Wheat)

  1. Wow!!! These look amazing!! And wholewheat with skim milk? They’re practically good for you 😛 I just can’t quite justify the frying in oil bit, but all about portion control right? 🙂


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